5 Modern Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your refuge from the outside world. An investment in your bedroom is an investment in your own happiness, in your peace of mind. At Nash Flooring, we respect that, and we’d love to help you transform your bedroom into the cocoon you’ve always dreamt about. But first, we need to get the creative juices flowing!

Here are five bedroom flooring ideas that you may not have considered yet. Get creative! Let your imagination run wild! When it comes to your flooring, the sky's the limit!

(What an ironic use of that expression, right?)

Anyway, without further adieu…

1. Heated Floor Tiles

Picture this: you wake up in the morning. It’s cold outside, but under your covers you feel cozy and warm. You reach to turn off your alarm, sit up in bed, and stretch. Then, with a yawn, you swing your feet over the side of the bed and then…


You plant them on an ice cold floor. We all know that feeling, and it’s not good. But with a heated tile floor, you can keep that warm, cozy feeling that you had under your covers as you get ready every morning. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

2. Koa Wood

Koa wood comes from one the oldest tree species in America. As such, it is one of the hardest species of wood you can buy, in addition to being one of the most beautiful. However, that quality comes at a cost. Koa wood is not cheap, but those that make the investment usually love the end result.

However, in this day and age, Koa wood might not be the most environmentally conscious choice. Hence, our next suggestion.

3. Reclaimed Barnwood

Reclaimed barnwood flooring isn’t just beautiful, it’s also the most eco-friendly choice you can make when it comes to your flooring. This is because the word “reclaimed” is synonymous with “recycled.” It works like this…

Wood is taken from an old barn and skim planed to eliminate the sorts of grit and inconsistencies that will give you slivers, while still preserving the weathered personality that the wood had in the first place. This sort of reused wood never fails to give a room something special!

4. Carpet Tiles

Do you ever bring food or drinks into your bedroom? Do you have a dog or a cat? Or do you have children? As we’re sure you’re already aware, all of these are messes waiting to happen! Now, normally if you are using carpeting, spills mean permanent stains. The only way to get rid of these sorts of stains is to replace your carpeting. That’s where carpet tiles come in handy.

If you opt for carpet tiles instead of traditional carpeting, you can fix spills simply be replacing the affected tiles. This way you can be relaxed, even when you knock over a bottle of red wine onto your carpet. And even when your cat pees all over the place. After all, bedrooms are for relaxing!