Are Your Floors On-Trend for 2017?

As you bid a final farewell to 2016 and look to a fresh new start in 2017, it’s time to take stock of the latest flooring trends and find the right new look for your floors. From pillowy carpeting to luxury vinyl to rustic wood, the world of flooring is an exciting place to visit in the coming year.  

Carpeting Makes a Triumphant Return

For some, carpeting has always been king; however, for the past few years, wood and tile have been growing in popularity. Carpeting is making a comeback this year for two great reasons:

  • Great looks
  • Greener manufacturing practices

New fiber combinations are creating softer, more natural-feeling carpeting that homeowners look forward to feeling underfoot. And carpeting is landing on the environmentally friendly list as more and more companies find ways to make the manufacturing process more environmentally friendly.

Two popular techniques for creating today’s hottest looks include recycling existing nylon carpeting and melting down and repurposing obsolete polyester carpeting into new and appealing designs. While you’re considering carpeting, say goodbye to dated shags and friezes. 2017 is the year of “cut-and-loop carpet.” It’s modern, comfortable and endlessly variable.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring Vies for the Throne

Today’s wood floors may, in fact, be yesterday’s. Yes, you read that right. If you’re looking for a classic look that takes advantage of today’s technology, then factory-finished reclaimed hardwood flooring offers the timeless quarter-sawn or hand-planed look at a fraction of the cost of salvaged vintage planks.

Today’s factory-finished wood looks phenomenal and withstands humidity, messy spills, and dry spells beautifully. Look for dark woods and richly and deeply stained finishes in 2017.

Tile Just Keeps Getting Bigger and Better

The design experts at HGTV note that tile is getting bigger, shapes more unusual, and materials more interesting. Homeowners and designers are playing with patterns and textures to create stunning looks for 2017.

Contrary to popular thinking, larger tiles with fewer grout lines may actually make a smaller room seem bigger! Although larger tiles mean fewer grout lines to clean, the heavy tiles require a perfectly level substrate and professional tile installation is highly encouraged.

Laminate Gets Real

Laminate has come a long way from the Pergo of the 1990s. As photo imaging technologies improve, so does the look of laminate flooring. Homeowners looking for a durable product with an upscale look at an affordable price are turning laminate flooring.

Modern laminate features the look of reclaimed wood, weathered planks, endangered species, and exotic rainforest hardwoods.

Luxury Vinyl Really is a Thing

According to the World Floor Covering Association, luxury vinyl tile is one of the fastest-growing segments in the flooring market. For many, the notion of “luxury vinyl” may seem like a bit of a contradiction. Vinyl has come a long, long way from the days of color-flecked industrial tiles.

Modern vinyl is a great option for high-traffic areas because it’s affordable, easy to install, and a breeze to maintain. Technological advances have made it possible for vinyl to closely resemble wood, stone, tile and concrete. Today’s Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) takes it a step further by adding an extra layer of protection that makes the material virtually scuff- and stain-proof.

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