What Types of Flooring Are Best For Dogs?

Dogs. They might be man’s best friends, but they can also be a floor’s worst nightmare!

Dogs have sharp claws that dig into your floors and scratch them! Dogs are also extremely excitable, which can take this scratching to the next level. To make matters worse, dogs are living, breathing organisms who are not nearly so discriminatory with their bodily functions as humans. Forget about carpeting!

But for all the liabilities that come with them, we love our canine companions. Most pet owners are willing to make big housing decisions around their dogs, such as flooring. So if you’re one of those pet owners, this one is for you!

Top 5 Types Of Flooring For Dog Owners

1. Vinyl Flooring 

If your primary goal is to make sure that your dog feels comfortable, vinyl flooring is for you! It’s a firm but forgiving material that will be resistant to scratches and provide enough friction to minimize slipping. Vinyl, if installed right, has the added benefit for being completely waterproof. That way, if your dog has an… um… “accident,” it won’t be a big deal!  

2. Laminate Flooring 

We all know that hardwood floors and dogs are not the greatest combination. Laminate flooring is the best way to compromise the aesthetics of hardwood floors with the durability of synthetic material. Your home will look as great it would with actual wood, but laminate flooring is resistant to scratching in ways that real wood cannot be. However, the cracks between the floors boards make it susceptible to spills (if you know what I mean), and can trap allergens like hair. It’s a trade-off!

3. Cork Flooring 

If you’re a dog owner that absolutely MUST have real wooden floors in your house, we’d recommend cork. For purposes of pets, no type of wood can beat cork! The acoustics of Cork minimize the sound of scratching, and the composition of cork minimizes the effects of scratching. It should also be noted that Cork is water-resistant (a.k.a. pee-resistant). Just don’t give it time to sink in!

4. Stone Tile Flooring 

Stone is pretty durable, but that property of this tiling option is rarely put to the test. Dogs like scratching pretty much any type of material, but not stone. The feeling of claws scratching stone will be like nails on a chalkboard for your dog! Stone tiles also make cleaning easy, for when your dog has or causes an accident. And as a final note, the aesthetics and cost of stone tiling varies wildly depending on what type of stone you choose, giving you a lot of control over your floors!

5. Ceramic Tile Flooring 

Ceramic tile flooring is both water-resistant, and highly durable. That means it’s pee-proof and claw-proof. It’s also extremely easy to clean. A little bit of wax will go a long way toward keeping your floors as glossy and clean as they were they day they were installed. However, for most dog-related accidents, all that is required is a simple paper towel!

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