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Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood floors offer a look and feel that is hard to beat. With nearly unlimited styles, sizes and finish options, it’s easy to find a hardwood floor you will love.

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Barnwood/Reclaimed Flooring
Using barnwood and antique lumber for flooring can go a long way towards giving your home the rustic atmosphere you've always dreamt of. Contact us today to take the first steps!

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Laminate is a great flooring option! The versatility and durability of laminate flooring is unmatched. Whatever your stylistic preferences and needs, there is a laminate option for you! 

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Tile provides a beautiful and durable floor in high traffic and high moisture areas of your home. From ceramic to natural stone to wood, there are plenty of tile options to suit your tastes.

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Vinyl flooring is great for high-traffic areas of your home! It's also an easier, more affordable option than tile and laminate flooring. Ask us what vinyl flooring can do for your home!


Whether you’re playing on the floor with the kids or just relaxing with your shoes kicked off, carpeting provides a soft, comfortable floor, and for many, a distinct sense of home.